Rich Women Looking for Poor Men Honestly Answer 5 Brutal Questions

In this day and age, a growing number of rich women are looking for younger men for dating and relationships. If you are a hot man looking for a cougar, this Q&A session here will definitely help you to have a better understanding of wealthy women. Today two rich women (Michelle and Nicole) joined our discussion and have kindly provided their thoughts on dating poor men.

Rich Women Looking for Poor Men

Question 1: Why do you want to meet poor men?

Michelle: To be specific, I want to meet younger men, not poor men. Well, most younger men are poor, so I guess you are right - I'd like to meet them because they don't have wrinkles and aren't overweight, unlike those rich men who are old, fat and ugly!

Nicole: I'm looking for attractive men and most attractive men are younger than me. Indeed, young men are usually poor because they haven't built their wealth yet. I have enough money, so I never need to worry about money in my life. Why would I want to date a rich man who wants to live a life on his terms? As a rich woman, I prefer living my life on my terms, so I just want to date a toy boy who will listen to my instructions.

Question 2: What kind of younger men do you like?

Michelle: I like younger men with six-pack muscles. My ideal male sugar baby should be very well tanned and tall. Because I'm a tall woman, I only date tall men. Of course, he must be intelligent because I can't stand boring conversations with my lover.

Nicole: I'm not a tall woman because I'm just as short as Eva Longoria. But as a wealthy woman, I feel very confident, so I also want to date tall men. However, in my opinion, a guy who is taller than 170cm is tall enough! And yes, intelligence and wisdom are important, too!

Question 3: Would you have children with younger men?

Michelle: Why not? I'm only 45 years old and I'm pretty sure I can have kids before 50 years of age. Marcia Cross had kids when she was about 45!

Nicole: I don't want kids because I don't like responsibilities in life. That's why I don't want to get married at all. Marriage isn't for me. I date younger men just for fun and pleasure. There is nothing wrong with that because I'm a rich woman & I have the right to live my life as I wish.

Question 4: Are you happy to support younger men financially?

Michelle: I'm definitely, positively a qualified sugar momma because I'm super rich. I am the owner of the biggest shopping mall in this state and I don't need a man to look after me financially, so I'm willing to give my male sugar baby allowance regularly, as long as he can meet all my needs in the bedroom.

Nicole: Yes, of course. As a sugar momma looking for poor men, I know what toy boys want and I can give them what they want. I know sugar mommas are as rare as unicorns, so I'm very high-value and sought-after. I'm sure my toy boy will treat me right.

Question 5: Are you willing to let others know about your arrangements with poor men?

Michelle: As a rich woman looking for poor men, I know I will start multiple arrangements with more than one hot guy. Therefore, I don't think it's a good idea to let other people know what I'm doing.

Nicole: I can take my male sugar baby to dinner parties and functions because he will make me look good! I love that kind of attention and validation! It makes me feel 30 years younger, so why not?

Please note that both Michelle and Nicole are single women. In fact, many sugar mommas are married women who can't get sexual satisfaction from their rich husbands and those stories may be very different.

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